Best Australian Real Estate Videos

Best Australian Real Estate Agents Videos

(Themed videos)

Well, its hard to go past

Adam Drummond from Fitzpatricks Real Estate in Wagga


Not only is Adam a natural in front of the camera, he has scripted these videos, in my opinion, beautifully.

The other thing that Adam has done, is product  placement or in other words has engaged local businesses to sponsor the video.

Love it! I am really looking forward to see what he comes up with next.

Michael Spillane

Next Video Is Michael Spillane 


Here is a great example of a lovely relaxed interview with the owner of the property for sale from

Andrew Lutze from Cunninghams Real Estate –

This gives buyers a chance to see the property from the owners eyes.

Now for something a little  different –

This video I really liked from Ash Martin Real Estate


The reason I liked this video, is that it gives their potential owners a chance to see

where they began and feel apart of their progress.

What videos have you seen that you would like to share?

What is it that makes a video memorable to you?

Let us know below.   


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