Exclusive Interview With Hilton D Gold

You wanted the best – You got the best

What possessed you to create the legend that is now Hilton D Gold ?Hilton D Gold

Initially I was watching a movie, it may have been Attack of the Killer Tomatoes but I can’t be sure.  Then a song came on that inspired me. What began as an experiment of sorts,  kept evolving and turned into a tidal wave of adulation and support. The bigger it became, the more I had to give back to the fans – after all that’s only fair.


Everyone knows that Hilton is a character and no one knows your true identity….  How do you think you have managed to build so much trust and support with  your ‘friends or fans’ on Facebook?  After all they don’t even know who you are!

Some people always believed in me, I believed in me and here we are today.  I think people want to believe in mankind and the greater good.   I decided that I wanted to always see the good in people and promote them for the good they were doing.   I followed a couple of people that I aspired to and they believed in me also.  I can expand on this greatly if people have questions – I am thinking of releasing my first memoirs in time for Christmas.

I have also stood up for what I believed in.. some would say I was controversial. I would say I have learnt the art of steeling up.


What have you learnt about social media?

I think first and foremost that human behaviour on social media allows you to block or filter topics or people you don’t want to see or feel. In this life everyone must deal with challenges or as Tommy P says ‘days of data’. Blocking doesn’t alter anything it just makes it temporarily evaporate until it returns again. Steel up and face what you know is true.   A good example of this is the RER group, but that is a story for another time.

One topic point I don’t understand is why agents in the industry join groups and spruik stock or just listed/ sold, how much commission they have gotten etc. Social media by definition is social, people want to see who you are, what you feel, what makes you happy.


What have you learnt about people?

That ideology separates us but our dreams and anguish bring us together.

You can gain an insight into someone’s personality traits by the way they respond or react.   People are quite willing to show a part of themselves in an online world.

Even though people don’t know me – I have received numerous messages via Bookface asking if I could do coaching in offices, can I recommend agents in certain areas, men and women ask me for relationship advice and they send me all kinds of pictures. The list goes on and on and on like a small town girl in a lonely world.  The main thing that people want me to coach them on,  is how to feel the steel.  They want me to show them how to do it.


Whats your number one tip for people starting out on Facebook to engage people and build trust.

Be consistent in your material if it is interesting. I believe I have built my fan base on the criteria of building people up and believing in them, It goes deeper than this however as my message is consistent and consistently good. Some people suggest I need new material but generally they are the downtrodden who can’t do any material so the only option is to bark at the moon. Do you know what the moon does when that happens? It keeps on shining.


I’ve been Hilton D Gold and you’ve been the best.    Sweet Action.

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