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Welcome to the most comprehensive online marketing course in the world.

Real Estate Marketing Academy is designed especially for Real Estate Agents and Realtors.

Once you enrol in our educational products you will have strategies and systems to take your marketing and your business to the next level.  

Are you ready?

If you are serious... I mean REALLY serious about your online presence..

Real Estate Marketing Academy is a video based program where by you can participate ANYWHERE you live ANYTIME you like.

The program runs for 10 weeks while you learn and implement.

You will also have access to Real Estate Marketing Academy for the rest of your life!

You can watch the videos and go over the material anytime.

If you are serious about your online profile - Join us today!

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD  - Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

Do you need some proof?  

This is what one of our course participants had to say...

I just wanted to let everyone know, that if you are thinking about doing Real Estate Marketing Academy, it really is an amazing course.

Honestly, I have spent so much money over the years trying to get someone to teach me how to do online marketing to no avail until I came across Lisa. She really, really does go above and beyond and she helps you as much as she possibly can.

I’ve learnt how to do all the key wording, I’ve learnt how to make sure my profile is top of the game, and how I make sure I get articles published and Facebook.. All those things. It really is an amazing course and for the money that she charges – My goodness – It is so so worth it.

If anyone would like to ring me and personally ask me and discuss it, I’m more than happy for you to do that. Look me up on my LinkedIn profile and give me a bell.

I can’t recommend Lisa enough. Thank you.

Denise Haynes - R and R Property Stroud.

You know what...

You are about to discover what every Real Estate Agent should know about building an online profile.  

Everyone knows that you can't sell a secret.    But...

Are YOU still a secret in YOUR market place?

If you are not using your online profile to generate qualified online leads, it's costing you THOUSANDS of dollars every week. Simple!

It's time to become FAMOUS in your AREA.   Let me show you what I mean...

What's this really all about?




My name is Lisa B.

I have been a Real Estate Principal and Real Estate Agent for well over 20 years.

I understand our business.  

I know what it’s like to HAVE to put in the long hours at work and miss out on family time and important events, just to be able to sign up new listings and close deals.  My lack of life balance in real estate, really drove me to find some solutions to make life easier.

The opportunities located within the online world, really became apparent to me a few years ago when I opened an office in an area that I was totally new to. I didn’t know anyone in the area AND I didn’t know the area. To find listings, we door knocked and we focused on properties that were withdrawn from sale. We were good enough to get in the door to present, however, we let ourselves down in substantiating that we had any kind of experience or history, despite being in the industry for a combined total of about 30 years. The owners had never heard of us and we didn’t have a detailed and ‘out of this world’ digital footprint.

I realised a few things very quickly. I realised that our online profile was our online resume – It was what our potential sellers were judging us by. Our public profile was small and kind of insignificant and owners could tell we were new to the area. I realised that we needed to lift our public profile.

Lisa B Online Marketing Expert

We needed to build a massive, credible online resume - FAST! We needed to substantiate to sellers our strengths and our experience. We needed to show sellers that we were the logical choice.

I realised that I cracked the code…

I worked hard and I accomplished building our online profile very successfully. I’ve also replicated it again with my training businesses. I’ve also helped plenty of other real estate agents, just like you.

On building my digital footprint, using the internet and increasing my online profile, other real estate agents asked me all the time, how I did what I did..

Lisa B. Elite AgentThey also asked me what THEY should do. They asked me lots and lots of questions. I couldn’t answer everything I needed to answer in one 10 minute phone call, so by demand, I put together everything I knew in one place. Everything I know about the online world, integrated with my 20 plus years in real estate. You can guarantee that because of this, you will have access to the most thorough and relevant information. It’s also handy to know that I also share what didn’t work. If only I had someone telling me what didn’t work when I began. It would have saved me a lot of time and money and my results would have been much faster.

I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on seminars, online courses, books, and I invested a huge amount of time and money to find out what worked.   My online courses are a combination of all that knowledge and wisdom. Through my knowledge of the real estate world and the online world, I became a regular contributor in the real estate magazine ‘ELITE AGENT’ with my page called ‘Tech in the city’. My column still holds the record for the most number of views for a single article. I have been in various magazines both individually and for my companies including, socialmediawoman magazine, ‘Marketing with no money’ and Real Estate Business Magazine.

I am the author of the book Secret agents : how the top real estate agents list more, sell more, & dominate the market. Co-author in the best selling book Real Estate Millionaire along with some great real estate agents and trainers – such as Mat Steinwede and Michael Sheargold among others.  I am also the author of the best selling book Banish The Bitch And Bring Out The Babe.

I have spoken at numerous events including Sheexperts, XL Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs Sydney, and Phenomenal Women event. I also run my own training events – All events have been sold out events. My real estate website was featured on the stages of 3 Australian speakers – Kerwin Rae, Joanna Martin and Steve and Pam Brossman for high and effective use of video marketing.

What are others saying?

For more testimonials, please visit HERE

What do you need to do now?

I’m guessing though in all of this, you really don’t know where the heck to start. Or how you are going to find the time? Right?


If you are serious about your online profile - Join us today!

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

You know that you have to move forward on this now?

Real Estate Sign

Question? What does YOUR online profile look like? When was the last time you Googled your name? What do potential sellers see if they Google you? You might be surprised. Just remember, if your online profile is non existent or horrible, it’s kind of like having a ‘For sale sign’ falling over in the front yard of a house you have for sale, only much much worse. Imagine also, that the sign has Graffiti all over it and maybe your photo has a mustache drawn on to it as well. You wouldn’t allow your office to look unprofessional in that way…. Make sure your online profile also looks credible, professional and enticing. You also need to know that your online profile is a great ‘listing tool.’ It can help you substantiate that you are the ‘go to’ agent in your area. It’s something that you can add to and build on to any time you like. Think of the compounding effect with the information you can have available on line. As agents, we must spend time on dollar producing activities. We have to communicate instead of cold call. We have to engage instead of door knock. In order to create a life of balance, we need to do things different to they way we normally do. So, I’m guessing, what you want to know is, how can you spend more time on dollar producing activities to make more money and work less hours?

A taste of what you get 

This is every thing I know about Online Marketing especially for
Real Estate Agents

If you’re like most real estate agents, you probably work about 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.   You are trying to fit everything in – Listing, Selling and Canvassing for new business  and…….What about your social life?

fade-leftfade-rightThis is where the online world can help you.

If owners don’t know about you, or they have never heard of you.. they will not call you.   Unless YOU manage to find them just at the right time,  you will not win their business.  Simple!    If potential clients know you, they’ve heard about your results and they like you…  It’s game over.  They will want YOU.   You need to become a household name in your area -  You must become FAMOUS in your area.  Now is the time to build a massive online profile.  Now is the time to work on your brand and your image.

Property owners must call YOU.

You must work towards never having to door knock, letter box drop or phone prospect again.

Let me show you how to successfully become an ‘attraction agent’ where sellers call you.    Let the internet and your online profile work for you  24 hours a day -  The internet is your 24/7  salesperson.   And here is the big thing…. You don’t want to be chained to a 3rd party website where you are relying on THEM for your business.

By now.. you know you need to build an online business.

fade-leftfade-rightNow is the perfect time.

Just look at the killer costs of real estate portals and escalating costs across the board.

I could not believe THIS…..  I surveyed a group of agents and found that some small real estate offices spend $40,000 per year on real estate portals!    Some bigger agencies spend between $500,000 to $1,000,000 a year!   THAT is serious money.

Holy smoke!    That’s just plain crazy!

Agents that do this, miss this massive point….  It would make much better business sense, to invest that money in their own web presence.  Smart business people recognise that marketing and promoting their own office, in their own area, is the long term goal.

Why promote someone else's business? It doesn’t make sense.

Lisa B Real Estate Money

It’s time to start investing in your future.   Invest in your own business, then you will realise the REAL long term benefit from the $$$$$$ invested.   Just IMAGINE what some offices could do with a whopping $40,000 a year on THEIR OWN marketing and online presence.   Let alone $500,000 to $1,000,000 on their own web presence.  Let me do the math for you. If over a 5 year period a real estate agency spends a whopping $200,000 to $1 Million with the major real estate portals.

I’m just thinking out a loud here..   That could be spent on their own web presence.   Just imagine YOUR online profile after a make over of $200,000 to $5,000,000 over a 5 year period.

Wow – that’s crazy!

I want to show you that there are other ways to generate leads without spending tons of money.   Seriously -   For the small amount you will invest in my information,  you will make thousands from future commissions.  If you want to make a start now - Go to today's special offers.

Just remember this -

Sellers want to KNOW you.
They need to LIKE you.
They need to TRUST you.

They’ve seen your results


You know what.... The public will also Google you!


Is your Online Real Estate Profile working for you or against you?   Are you a well kept secret in your area?  Are you struggling to build a profile or status in your local area?  Are you WELL KNOWN in your local community?


  • Are you having trouble generating online leads?
  • Are you losing listings to your competitors?
  • Are the franchises beating you because they appear bigger?
  • Do you want to convert listings easier?

Is your online profile making you money?   If it’s not – it is costing you  THOUSANDS of dollars every single week.

You know without a doubt the first and biggest sale you have to make in real estate is to sell yourself.


If you are serious about your online profile - Join us today!

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD


If you are not prospecting for new business NOW.. you will be struggling to find business 3 months from now.


Lisa B Real Estate Prospecting

You need to set yourself up that your online profile is part of your marketing and your profile forms part of your prospecting.   We are talking about attraction marketing or in other words bees to the honey.

I’m so excited to be able to show you NEW ways of doing business that will change the way you operate forever.

The great thing is, I can show you from the comfort of your own home - You can learn when YOU have time!

First, let’s not sugar coat anything.  Let's get you thinking.

How many sales are you really making?   How many hours are you working for what result?

Make door knocking, cold calling and letter box dropping a thing of the past!    This information will help you get leads while you are asleep….   You need to focus on ‘ATTRACTION’ marketing.




I will give you solid, proven, tested, guaranteed strategies that work!

I will show you agents that have made over $300,000 from Facebook alone.

I guarantee you will achieve more than 100% return on your investment (ROI)

Think of it this way…  If by doing my program, you ONLY get one additional listing for the year..  (I guarantee you will get a whole lot more than that)  My online courses will have more than paid for themselves.  You will have the toolkit you need to succeed.

What are you waiting for?      If you're ready.    Say YES.

Lisa B Complacent

Sometimes in business, we get complacent…  We sometimes do things the way we always have.   Sometimes, things need a shake up.  We need to energise our business.

Let’s work on your business together.

Our comprehensive video tutorials show you how to get the most out of your online presence.   Real Estate video marketing, Real Estate social media AND amongst other things we show real estate agents how to increase their profile to appear on page one of Google.

After all, if you’re not on page one of Google, you are losing potential leads.   You simply must be on page one of Google! If you are not receiving leads to your real estate company via the Internet.  You are missing out.

Now you have access to the most comprehensive online real estate marketing courses in the world. Will you take the opportunity to learn? Will you seize the opportunity to use the knowledge?

So if you are ready NOW to move forward....


Join us today!  Instant access

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

Not interested in the course right now? Click here for more options.

The Ultimate Online Marketing Course For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Marketing Academy -

Is this for you?

  • Are your competition getting called out to appraisals and you're not?
  • Are you looking to stand out and get the edge on your competitors?
  • Are you new in Real Estate or
  • Are you looking to relaunch your business?
  • Are you struggling with listings and sales?
  • Are you finding it hard to make ends meet?
  • Are you considering leaving the industry?

You need listings.

Let me show you how to create a steady pipeline of sellers into your business

In case you don't know, I have been a Real Estate Agent and Principal of my own Real Estate Agencies for well over 20 years.  I have won numerous awards for sales and marketing throughout that time. I am also a co-author in the book Real Estate Millionaire.

Whilst still in my own Real Estate business, I studied online marketing extensively, spending tens of thousands of dollars on training.  After implementing what I learnt into my own Real Estate Office, agents from around the world came to me asking my advice on how they could replicate what I did..  It was then that my current business was born - I began sharing my knowledge of the online world to others. I love seeing the results that online marketing brings.  I love seeing the enthusiasm this brings to an office.  I also of course, love seeing Real Estate Agents dominating their area.

Leads PipelinesI remember all those years ago, when I first started in Real Estate, I literally had no clue what I was doing. All I had was a phone, a desk and a notepad together with a hell of a lot of excitement and a huge dose of sheer determination.  When I didn’t know what to do,  I would call another Real Estate Agent in a neighbouring town for advice.  He would help me and tell me how to get the deal together. His biggest tip for me was to get listings!

I remember thinking.. How the hell do I get listings?   Advertising in the newspaper was very expensive, Radio and TV advertising was also out of the question because of the cost.  That meant I had to doorknock, I had to letterbox drop and I had to phone prospect.  I had no choice.  I learnt in Real Estate, that you had to list in order to last.

I didn’t like prospecting, but I got used to it. I had to do. After 10 years, I left an extremely successful business where business literally walked in the door. A lot of years of hard work gave me loads of referral and repeat business.  It was easy!  Quite literally, it was money in the bank.

After a short while of leaving my first business,  I decided to open an office in an area where I knew no one.  I didn’t even know the area.  My old office had an average selling price of about $200,000 compared to the new area with an average selling price of $1,200,000.  A huge contrast. Being in a new area, meant I had to prospect the same as I did in the old days.  I had to pound the beat.

I began to think… I can’t do this for the next 5-10 years.  I knew that it took me that  long last time to get my business established to the point where business walked frequently in the door.

I knew my magic pill would have to involve some smart marketing.  I needed to make it happen fast and it needed to be cost effective.  I searched online.  I learnt. I became obsessed with finding a better way.  I then became obsessed with online marketing. When I learnt, I implemented. Some strategies worked and some didn’t.  Wow!  The things that worked though, I was surprised at how easily I achieved the results.

For example one easy technique brought in over $300,000 worth of listing leads in one year. That was just ONE idea.

I got outstanding results.  I was hooked.

Now I can share with you what I did and what I do still today for my own business.  I’ll also share what didn’t work. That’s always helpful too.  🙂

Once you learn a few things, you will really see that it’s not rocket science.  Even though it’s a bit of hard work to set up initially, you will have incredible foundations to build on.


If you are serious about your online profile - Join us today!

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

Believe me, the principles are easy, once you know how.

So please don’t wait 5 - 10 years to build your business and be successful..  You can make it happen fast!   Dominate your area.  Become THE marketing force!

After you learn how to automate your leads, you will have more time to make more money getting ‘belly to belly’ with more people.   Or… if you choose instead, you can have more time off.

What I offer is truly Unique.. I promise you that you won’t find what I have put together anywhere else in the world.   I have studied internet marketing and I have put the things that work into the Real Estate business model.  Everything I show you is purely related to Real Estate.

With only a small number of Real Estate agents marketing themselves online very well, there are huge opportunities in your marketplace. It's your opportunity to claim this space BEFORE your competitor does.



If you are ready to get your business MOVING....

If you want me to help you get your online marketing right....

I would like to invite you to attend our online spectacular.

Real Estate Marketing Academy

This is a video based online course that you can participate in from anywhere in the world that you like.  You have lifetime access and support via our Facebook Page.

This is where the rubber meets the road. If you are looking to launch YOU or your BUSINESS or if you are looking to RELAUNCH.. Now is the time.

Once you join Real Estate Marketing Academy you have -

  • Accountability - In our community, you will have accountability, both to yourself and other participants of our private Facebook group.
  • Resources - That you won’t find anywhere in the world - All related to Real Estate online marketing.
  • Strategies - We will show you how to get everything working together online.
  • Systems - We show you what to do and how to do it.. Save years of your time trying to work it out.
  • Support - You won’t be doing this alone.. If you have any questions you can ask us. You will be joining a group of like minded Real Estate Agents and Principals that are all ready to take their business to the next level.

But please, don’t take my word for it.   If you are interested to hear what others say, Please click here.

If you are thinking - Why should I consider this program now?  What can Real Estate Marketing Academy really offer me?

We know Real Estate and we know how to use internet marketing to get fast results.


If you are serious about your online profile - Join us today!

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

We have done it.    We know what to do.  We can show you.  

We have launched a number of businesses both offline and online with amazing results and we would love to have you join us in Real Estate Academy.

  • Learn how to build a massive online profile
  • Learn how to create a steady stream of online leads using the internet
  • Learn how to use the power of networking online to build your business
  • Learn how to get more listings and make more sales whilst having more time off.
  • Learn how to generate real leads using video marketing

This is what you get

Dominate the internet

Value $497

Real Estate video Domination

Value $497

Interviews - Boardroom Series

Value $97

Checklist and report

Value $347

My e-Chapter from the book Real Estate Millionaire

Value $4.95

Certificate of Marketing

Value over  $1000

Today Only


Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

I guarantee, the price will not stay this low.  Don't wait. This maybe your last chance to secure your place.

When you purchase our program, you have lifetime access..

You can come back and do the program ANYTIME you like.

If you were to get just one listing from my course.. which I GUARANTEE that you will get many many more… the course has paid for itself.

Stand Out Marketing

Proven Strategies to get you more listings and more sales via the internet.

The Real Estate Marketing Academy - Ten weeks support and interactive video-based training programs teaching smart real estate agents how to get more listings and make more sales using the internet. Perfectly suited for whether you have zero technical skills or advanced.  You will discover how to make your job easier and your use of time, much more efficient. If you are new to real estate or you have been around a long time, The Real Estate Marketing Academy is going to help you to take your online marketing to the next level. We will challenge your current way of thinking and expand your mind to see things that you never thought were possible. If you have been in real estate a while, we will help you to focus on creating a new passion and excitement for your business. If you are new into the industry, we will help you form the foundations of your exciting new career.

Real Estate Marketing Academy is video based so you can participate ANYWHERE you live ANYTIME you like.  

You will have support for a full 10 weeks while you learn and implement.   You also have access to Real Estate Marketing Academy for the rest of your life!  

You can watch the videos and go over the material anytime.  

Each week we will release videos and worksheets and we will go step by step through the weekly modules. Lisa B Real Estate Marketing Academy HelpYou work through all of your modules from the comfort of your own home. All the video tutorials are extremely easy to understand.   We also have some transcripts to help with some of the videos. We have checklists that show you step by step in writing what you need to do. There are also work sheets that you can print out and complete. You will have access to your own Real Estate Marketing Academy Facebook Group. It’s here that you can ask specific questions, share ideas, strategies and meet like minded people.  You can work through things together. A peer group that all have the same intentions as you - to succeed at higher levels. We will also have plenty of awesome bonuses. Lisa and the team will be very active in the group over the 10 weeks to make sure that Real Estate Marketing Academy Graduates take progressive action to obtain the most from the course. And just so you know, You have life-time access to The Real Estate Marketing Academy. This means that you can come back at anytime and undertake The Real Estate Marketing Academy as many times as you like. This is my favorite program simply for the reason I get to work with you directly. We are going to build your profile and we are going to make you FAMOUS in your area.


If you are serious about your online profile - Join us today!

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

Tony Robbins says that the path to success is to take massive, determined action.

Tony Robbins says that the path to success is to take massive, determined action.

What You Receive - Power Profile Building Resources

  • Dominate The Internet Online Course - Step by Step Video Tutorials - The Dominate The Internet Online Course gives you strategies and information to assist you in building your profile Easily. Everything you need to know about Internet Marketing For Real Estate Agents.
  • How To Build A Massive Profile And Kick Arse Online – Special Report - This report compliments The Dominate the Internet Online Course. This is a detailed marketing report and checklist that you can tick off as you go.
  • Real Estate Video Domination Online Course - More ways to build you profile. Over 26 ways to use video in your Real Estate business - Everything you need to know about video marketing
  • The Boardroom Series - You will receive The Boardroom Series of Interviews with our online marketing experts. Learn from the experts.
  • Step by step video tutorials, various transcripts, worksheets and loads of special bonuses
  • You will receive your Certificate of Marketing upon completion of the course material

When Will Real Estate Marketing Academy Begin?

You will be given instant access however, material will be released over a 10 week period. We will release just the right amount for you to work through.  In between we have a two week break where you will be able to catch up if need be and also implement what you have learnt. We release the content this way for a number of reasons:

One - We want you to finish the course and we don’t want you to get stuck in overwhelm.

Two – We want to make sure that you are ‘getting it’ and that everyone is at the same stage.

Three – We want to make sure that you have the support of The Real Estate Marketing Academy Facebook peer group.

Four – We don’t want anyone jumping ahead and not understanding the context of what it is that needs doing.

What if I get behind?

That's why throughout the 10 weeks we will put some time aside to catch up and implement what we have learnt.

During the 2 week break, you will have time to review the material, catch up if you have fallen behind and you will be able to implement what needs to be done. We will not be releasing any new content in this 2 week period. Remember once you have gone through the program, you can go back to the material as often as you like -  For life!


If you are serious about your online profile - Join us today!

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

Dominate The Internet


The Dominate The Internet Online Course is the most comprehensive online marketing course for real estate agents .   It is the key to building a massive online profile.  Not only will you learn how to market to reach more potential sellers and buyers, you will also learn how to convert more lookers to clients.

Module One – Protect and Prepare

  1. Essential Internet Foundations
  2. Clear Examples of How to Dominate The Internet
  3. Why SEO Is Important – Also Search Engine Optimisation vs Search Engine Marketing
  4. More On Brand Protection and Brand Reputation – Explanations and Strategies
  5. What Are Keywords And How Do You Use Them – Where Do You Use Them Exactly?
  6. Easy Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – Get Social Media Really Working For You
  7. Why You Must Be Online
  8. How To Protect Your Brand Online

Module Two – Positioning

  1. How to Claim Your Spot and Position Yourself as the Expert Real Estate Agent In Your Area
  2. 10 Steps To Becoming The Expert Agent Online
  3. Strategies To Niche Online To Your Exact Target Market
  4. Branding for Real Estate Agents

Module Three – Profile

  1. How to do a Montage Video
  2. Animoto Extra Tips and Tricks
  3. How to Edit in Windows Media Player and iMovie
  4. We Discuss Real Estate Web Sites In Detail – What Works?
  5. How To Effectively Upload Videos to Youtube
  6. We Have A Number Of Checklists To Help You Get Results
  7. How To Build Your Profile – Where To Start And Who Can Help You Make It Easy
  8. How to Blog – It’s Easy!
  9. How to do a Flip Magazine – Impressive For Out Of Area Sellers
  10. How To Build A List Online – We Explore Strategies Relating To Opt Ins

Module Four – Pitch, Promote and Profit

  1. How to Connect With Your Community – Who to Connect To
  2. Ways You Can Use Video To Easily Get Listings
  3. How to Create Massive Opportunities Online
  4. How To Become Famous In Your Area Using Video

Module Five – Bonus Content

  1. Jet Xavier: Mindset Coach

Real Estate Marketing Academy

Profile Building BONUSES

Lisa B Real Estate Marketing Academy Bonus


Real Estate Video Domination Course

How to Use Videos To Build Your Profile


Over 30 Video Tutorials  - How To Use Video Marketing to Stand Out From the Crowd.

According to Mashable 73% of homeowners would be more likely to list with an agent offering to do video,
yet only 12 % of the Real Estate Industry has YouTube accounts.


The Boardroom Series

Learn From The Experts How To Build Your Profile Online

Learn From Expert Online Marketers, Real Estate Professionals and Entrepreneurs

The quickest way to achieve success is to model other people who have already succeeded in doing what you want to achieve.  Someone that has already worked out the best way forward and they know the steps to get ahead.

It only stands to reason that with all things equal,  if you do what they have done, there could be a good chance that you will also succeed.   Our Boardroom Series of Interviews will help you discover many different strategies and show you the many different paths our experts have taken.

This is your opportunity to learn from the masters and find out all there is to know about real estate marketing online.

Our experts are located all over the world and have been handpicked for their expertise within their industry.


If you are serious about your online profile - Join us today!

Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD
Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD

Frank Kern - Highest Paid Internet Marketer in The World +

Frank Kern – Is the highest paid Internet marketer in the world – He was the very first person to make 23 Million dollars in one day on the internet. Frank was interviewed by Anthony Robbins as one of the new online money masters. Frank will share with you strategies and tips to use specifically for real estate agents/realtors.

James Schramko - Australian Online Marketer +

James Schramko – Is the most successful Internet marketer and SEO specialist in Australia. James runs ‘sell out’ Internet marketing seminars, he operates extremely successful product launches and has a very successful business centred around the on line world.

Matthew Shadbolt -Former Marketing Exec -The Corcoran Group +

Matthew Shadbolt – Corcoran Real Estate Group in New York – Matthew is the former director of marketing at The Corcoran Group. Corcoran have an amazing and very successful social media presence in New York.   Click here to see their Facebook case study.  It’s amazing!

Mal Emery - Best Selling Author - Marketing Expert +

Mal Emery – Mal is a brilliant marketer. Mal thinks outside the square in marketing. He is a best selling author and is known for his ‘no bull’ approach.

Dale Beaumont - Best Selling Author - Business Expert +

Dale Beaumont – Dale is the author of 16 best selling books. Dale runs extremely successful seminars showing small businesses how to leverage the internet.

Scott Stratten - Author Unmarketing - Marketing Expert +

Scott Stratten – Scott is the Author of the book Unmarketing. Scott is from Canada and quickly became a big deal on line using Twitter. He has a huge following and speaks at social media and business events all over the world.

Glenn Twiddle - Real Estate Trainer +

Glenn Twiddle – Glenn is a Real Estate trainer and is very much of the opinion that you have to stand out to be seen. Glenn certainly does this in his marketing. Glenn gives away lots of ideas that he has used, things that work!

Mike Sheargold - Real Estate Trainer +

Mike Sheargold – Real Estate trainer – Mike is a Real Estate trainer specialising in Australia and New Zealand. Mike uses the power of the internet to connect with more people and to share real estate ideas with his audience.

Andrew Morello - Winner of The Apprentice +

Andrew Morello – Winner – The apprentice – Andrew was the first winner of the tv show The Apprentice with Mark Bouris. Andrew enjoyed a successful career in real estate before moving to finance where he won ‘The Apprentice’. Andrew is the head of new business development for Yellow brick road.

Chris Jankulovski - CEO - Remote Staff - Outsourcing +

Chris Jankulovski – Chris is theCEO of Chris’s company is based in the Philippines – they find talented and qualified staff for all kinds of roles in your business. Chris talks about how to use remote staff to grow your business. Examples – a personal assistant or a high level accountant.

Chris Gilmour - Real Estate Agent - Queensland +

Chris Gilmour – Chris is from All properties group near Brisbane. He is a top performing real estate agent, real estate trainer, racing car driver and a relatively new dad. He also makes time for his social media and video presence. A presence that has made him a lot of money online. When asked if he thinks he would be just as successful without the online world. His response – No way. Peter Bond – Peter is the CEO of Linc Energy, a publicly listed company. Peter is a master at everything business. He has been constantly listed in the BRW Rich list of entrepreneurs. Peter shares with us, tips on wealth creation and negotiation strategies.

Peter Bond - CEO Linc Energy - BRW Rich List +

Peter Bond – Peter is the CEO of Linc Energy, a publicly listed company. Peter is a master at everything business. He has been constantly listed in the BRW Rich list of entrepreneurs. Peter shares with us, tips on wealth creation and negotiation strategies.


How To Build A Massive Profile And Kick Arse Online

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The Real Estate Marketing Academy is not going to suit everyone. If you are not sure or not committed to finishing the course, then please don’t invest. Many people buy courses and products and never do anything with them.  Some never even open up the program.   We only want you to join if you are committed to achieving the results.

What is the investment required for The Real Estate Marketing Academy and can I pay by a payment plan?

The price of The Real Estate Marketing Academy is currently $197.  We are also offering you a payment plan to make it even more affordable.   This course will be going up in price.

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What's included in The Real Estate Marketing Academy?

Please note all of these prices will be going up in 2016.

Dominate the Internet Online Course

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Pay in Full

Amount at checkout $497.00 AUD

2 Payments

Start payment at checkout for $249.00 AUD Following month (x 1) $249.00 AUD