Lisa B and Frank Kern Interview – Real Estate Online Marketing

What do Real Estate Agents dislike.


We dislike cold calling… we dislike door knocking

We also all dislike spending time on tasks that don’t produce a dollar return

We also know what it’s like to throw money away at things that don’t work

We need to talk about what does work

What is the quickest way to success?  


The quickest way to achieve success is to model other people who have already succeeded in doing what you want to achieve.

Someone that has already worked out the best way forward and they know the steps to get ahead.

It only stands to reason that with all things equal,  if you do what they have done, there could be a good chance that you will also succeed.

This is your opportunity to learn from one of the masters and find out all there is to know about real estate marketing online.

Frank Kern is the highest paid internet marketer in the world..   

Should we listen to what he has to say?

I think we all should.


Lisa B. –  Real estate agents ask all the time about the ROI  (Return on investment)  with social media and online marketing.  You mentioned in a previous video about the  ‘Like, know and trust’ factor associated with social media and internet marketing –  You can’t get the same effect from newspaper advertising, and by not meeting the people.

Frank –  You can get it,  but you will spend a fortune doing it. To do it in the newspaper, you’d have to come out with a column that’s printed every week, or run an ad every week. It’s going to cost you say $1000 or whatever.   It’s ridiculously expensive.

Whereas the internet, you can have someone come to your website, for say $1. They enter their name and email address, they get your free video,  eg ‘7 things to know before you buy’ or ’15 questions to ask a listing agent’ or whatever it is you happen to give them.

They’re then in your system and they’ve only cost you $1.

You have their information, they know you, they’ve seen you on video.  You can contact them anytime by email automatically and help them.

The more you help them, the more they are going to buy from you and the more they will refer you.

I think it’s a very very beneficial media to use and its very very cheap and it’s measurable.

So you can actually say… ok…..  I spent $100 this week on traffic to my website and I got 50 people to put their hands up and say I’m interested in buying.

So you know,  that cost me $2 per person to get.

Whereas if you run a newspaper advertisement, with a picture and a slogan –   You’ve got no idea… You can’t measure it.


Thank you Frank Kern


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Lisa B. showing Real Estate Agents how to Dominate The Internet in their area.

How to position and promote yourself online to effectively work less hours and make more money.

Lisa B and Frank Kern

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