Tim Ferriss – 4 hour work week in Real Estate

Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour work week in real estate


I was so excited that I was able  to ask  Tim Ferriss a question at Jamie McIntyres event in Melbourne a while back..

The question I wanted to know. was how he positioned himself as the expert in his Niche.

Lisa –  What helped you to  become a house hold name?  What catapulted you from being an every day person to becoming the celebrity that you are now.

What did you do, what was your strategy, if you had a strategy – What was it that made you become the expert in your field?


Tim –  I wish I knew.  I mean, as far as becoming a house hold name???   Maybe in San Francisco.  🙂

I would say that, the reason that it happened was that it was not my goal  – the only way I was going to write 4 hour work week was after throwing out 4 chapters,  and I had to throw it all out cause I tried to sound  way too smart the first time,  which was ridiculous.   The 2nd time, I said alright,  being serious is not working.. so i drank a bunch of wine  and it ended up being like the 3 stoodges – equally terrible.. then I toned down the wine to maybe 2 glasses  and I decided to write it as if I was writing an email to my 2 best friends.  My 2 best friends  who had the same problem.

I think, and I think  this is speculation, that people have resonated with me because I talk to them as I would talk to a friend.    I treat them the same way.  I don’t dumb it down, I treat them as I would treat my best friend.  If they screw up, or they are being idiots, I ll say it, just the same as I would my best friends.   I share some of my problems and my challenges in the same way and for that reason people relate to me and feel a closer relationship to me than they perhaps might have with other authors, although there are other authors that also do a good job.

When you have 100 die hard fans, then you have a 1000 die hard fans, you never have to market yourself again for the rest 0f your life.

If you build a small army, of    100 or   1000   loyal fans,  to whom you deliver constant value and help and teaching.  You’re done.

Even if you never get to the point where you are a ‘house hold name’ if you are a house hold name to 1000 people that are willing to help you, you will never need anything again for the rest of your life.

Income, keep in mind, we might get to this, is a trading piece,  it is a wampum piece  you use to get an experience or access to people and resources.   You can bypass that income all together and get what you want.

If you have those 1000 people.


If you haven’t read 4 Hour work week by Tim Ferriss – Grab a copy now,  it’s a great book. 

It’s all about how to earn more money and work less hours.


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