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Jo Macdermott from Next Marketing in Victoria featured my old real estate office in an article as a great example of  a company using  inbound marketing.

Jo mentioned my old real estate office as using video both to support my business value proposition as well as generating business through video testimonials.

We have studied internet marketing across the board and how it works with other businesses and we have then applied those concepts to the real estate industry.  Using internet marketing strategies, has helped us win more business and sell more properties online that any other form of media.  The internet is only going to increase in demand and be responsible for more and more sales.

Real Estate agents that are not embracing the internet, would be wise to make a start before their competitors take  a hold of the online market.


Lisa B. Social media marketing

Lisa B. website used as a great example of inbound marketing

Lisa B,

Real Estate Online Video Marketing

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Lisa B. helps real estate agents to use the internet to kick butt online.

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Lisa B. Social Media Real Estate Trainer

Lisa B. Social Media Real Estate Trainer

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