Benchmarking in real estate

I read a book a long time ago called Benchmarking by Anne Evans.

I still remember the thoughts the book provoked in me.

Look. Think. Compare.

Anne’s book got me to look at businesses that were nothing like my business. It got me to look at their systems and consider if THEIR systems could work in MY business. It got me to really think outside the box. Just because our industry had been doing something a ‘certain’ way for a long time, it didn’t mean I had to do it that way.

I have carried that philosophy with me ever since.

The book also got me to look at what I was doing well.

It also got me to look at what my competition were doing well and what they could improve on.

Yes.. I can hear some of you say that you shouldn’t focus on others. It’s great to focus on your business but also look outside of your own business and notice what else is happening.

Lisa B creator of real estate marketing academy.

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