Independent v’s Franchise

Taking on the big boys

Are you an independent Real Estate Office?

Are you or your staff constantly blaming the big name franchises for beating you,  blaming them because they won listings over you that should have been yours?

Are you considering joining a franchise to try to counteract this problem?

Is losing to the big name franchises costing you thousands in lost business?

My question to you is, what are YOU doing in your hometown to make you look as big and as ‘strong’ as the franchises are?  (I also want to make it clear that I don’t believe that franchises are stronger, this can however be the perception).

(Remember that you have a massive point of difference in that you can appear big, but still look small enough to deliver what some may see as a more personalised service.)

It’s fine to be in a franchise and have a recognised brand, however if you are an independent, what are you really doing to make your brand more recognisable?  What are you doing to become known?  Think for a moment, franchisees give a percentage of their income to the Franchisor every month.  A percentage of this is used to market the brand.  How much time and effort are you investing in promoting your brand a month?  Remember that some of the ways you are able to promote yourself online are totally FREE.

Please note too, that this is not just the responsibility of the office principal, this should also be the responsibility of the staff members.

Let’s face it, you don’t have to be known to the whole of your country or the whole of the world… you just need the people that live in the suburbs, city or towns you operate out of to know you.

You need to build a credible online brand that substantiates what you do and what you HAVE DONE.

You need to show that you are the area expert.  You need to show that you have solid networks.  You need to show that you know how to market yourself.  After all, potential sellers are looking to employ you to market their home, if they can’t find you online, or they have never heard of you.. what does that say about your marketing skills?  It doesn’t say much at all.  They may have doubts about your ability to attract buyers.

There are many ways you can build your online profile.

This is important.  I can’t stress this enough.   This will help to generate new business as well as help convert other business.

What does your market place know about your company.  A one paragraph section on your website entitled ‘about us’ will not cut it anymore.

There are a few ways you can compare the importance of your online profile.

Think of your online profile as a resume.. It’s also you 24 hour salesperson convincing owners you are the best.  You are showing prospective clients what you have done and then you are PROVING what you have done.

Another way to explain what you aiming to achieve, is to think of your online profile the same as you would submitting a document to court.  You will make claims in your paperwork lodged, however you also need to provide evidence to prove that what you say is true.   If you don’t have adequate evidence your case will be dismissed.  You must substantiate every claim you make.

Start to really make an effort to work on your business as well as in your business.

Market yourself – You are your brand.

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