Why you must use video in your real estate marketing

Use of Property Videos in Real Estate listings jumped by as much as 600% in 2015. You can create professional walk through property videos for as low as $14.95 a video


EAC are helping to revolutionise the real estate video marketing space. We are committed to assisting Real Estate Agents all over Australia to promote their brand and give agents the edge over their competition.

EAC are proud to announce the launch of our new Video Marketing Solution. A solution that is one part app and one part hardware. The app is suitable for both iPhone and Android Smartphones. You are going to want to see this! The app is known as the HouseLens View Video App in the app stores. The hardware comprises of a stabiliser and a wide angle lens that you attach to your phone, allowing you to capture a greater area than you ever could with your phone alone.

EAC have partnered with HouseLens Inc. to distribute the EAC Video Marketing Solution for real estate agents and has secured the exclusive distribution rights to deliver the disruptive technology to agents across Australia.

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