Real estate agents that use video make better lovers

OK.. We can’t say we have any evidence to support this theory but it makes sense to us.

If the agent is confident enough to put themselves out there
If the agent is not afraid to be seen
If the agent has charisma and drive
It just makes sense.

Putting all this aside..

With the release of EAC and HouseLens View Video App, you don’t even need to be in front of the camera to make charismatic videos – so using video really is a no brainer.

Why should you use video in your business?

We believe that videos are critically important to your business and your career.

Here are some good reasons why you need to start using video.

New – If you are new to real estate, videos are a way to quickly get known in your marketplace. You can make a lasting impression and have a definite point of difference.
Plateaued – If you are going well in real estate but you’re stuck in your results and you know you need to do something different… Get better at marketing. Whether you are in sales or property management, if you have come to the realisation that your results have plateaued then videos are a way to lift your profile and lift your results.
Bored – You have been in real estate a while and quite frankly you are bored. You have been doing the same things for many years. Why not re-new your brand.
Other agents win more listings/management’s than you – It’s time to sharpen your skills both in listing and in marketing.
People say that videos and video marketing are the way of the future… and guess what, the future is here and now. Without a doubt, video marketing is going to get more advanced. You only have to look at YouTube and now Facebook, with the amount of video hits and viral videos.

To give you an example, take the Star Wars Chewbacca mask lady for example. She had millions and millions of hits in a few days and she even ended up on The Late Show. She even has her own Wikipedia page! Everyone loved her. They loved her laugh and her excitement. She captured the hearts and smiles of millions all over the world.

What was it about that video that made it get a so many hits? She was likable. She was genuine. She was excited. Her personality came through in the video.

She became virtually world famous in a few short minutes. I’m not saying that everyone will be lucky enough to have a video go viral, what I am saying is that it doesn’t have to be sophisticated to get attention.

Now.. if we haven’t already given you enough reasons to use video here read on.

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