What should you include in your Real Estate Market Updates

What makes for an interesting quarterly real estate market update?

Firstly your report can be done on podcast/video/written report – or preferably all 3..

As a home owner I want to know the prices properties have sold for in my immediate area.

I want to know the prices AND I want to know what the homes were like – How many bedrooms etc

I’d also like to know how long they took to sell.

The reason I want this information is that I want to be able to gauge how much my home is worth compared to the ones that sold.

Please also give me an idea if property prices are going up or down..

Also please tell me how many properties sold in the exact time frame last year. (For example do a market update for the first quarter of 2017) – Jan/Feb/March last year compared to Jan/Feb/March this year. Break it down for me – How many houses sold last year and this year – How many apartments sold – How many blocks of land sold (or whatever type of property is applicable in your area)

Tell me how many of those properties sold in the exact same time frame the previous 12 months.

Tell me what’s for sale in the area now..

Please tell me what’s happening in the market.

As a home owner I want to be informed as to how my asset is performing – I want to know!

As an agent, it’s also beneficial for you to keep a track of the statistics in your area.


If you want to be their real estate agent – Keep in touch with your market place.  


By the way….    Do you do market updates?  What works for you?  What hasn’t worked in the past?



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