Tricks And Tips Using Social Media For Real Estate – Lisa B and Glenn Twiddle

Today we have Question one from our interview with Glenn Twiddle –  We discuss what he has learnt on his journey with social media and online marketing.

Glenn is very active online and has built a very successful following using social media.

In the interview series with Glenn, we discuss print media v’s online marketing, Facebook strategies, software and programs and then some more generalised social media strategies.

I just want to say first that Glenn is a master at marketing himself –  The great thing about Glenn, is that he puts himself out there and doesn’t care what people think.  (Well maybe he does care, but he does it anyway)

So…..  Don’t hold yourself back.  You need to go for it!



Below is a short written summary of the interview….

Thank you Glenn for your time today.  I really appreciate it.

Thanks Lisa.. for someone like you that I have learnt so much from, it’s like I’m repaying a favour.    (Awwwwww  🙂  )

You’ve  been very active on social media and you are doing exceptionally well with it – I would say that so far, you have embraced internet marketing the most out of all the real estate trainers and you appear to be getting by far,  the best results.

First question – Where would Glenn tell Real Estate agents  to start first with social media?

Glenn said he was introduced slowly to social media and effectively was warmed up to it with Myspace.  (Don’t worry about looking that up…. Nothing to see here)

He figured out myspace and then Facebook came along.. He was a little sceptical about doing it all again on Facebook.

Glenn said his journey would be different to others, however suggested that agents start with Facebook.

Don’t bother getting into the myriad of other platforms just yet..

He suggested to start with Facebook as most people are probably already on there.  ( I agree 100%)

Now.. instead of getting on there socially to talk with friends etc.. Go on there with the sole intention of connecting with your past, current and potential clients. ( I agree 100%)

Use Facebook with a goal and a purpose.  Don’t waste your time scrolling through your newsfeed.  Make the time on Facebook. meaningful.   So many agents get caught up discussing things that are not relevant to their market place… they waste valuable time with people that are not their target market.

Have a goal that for a month you use Facebook wisely – get used to it, then you can start with more advanced strategies.


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